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Sunday 25th June 2017

Drug Resistance Articles


Drug-resistant gonorrhoea has spread in England

13th September 2016

An outbreak of drug-resistant gonorrhoea has spread in England.

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Drug-resistant malaria a huge threat

20th February 2015

Scientists say drug-resistant malaria poses an 'enormous threat' to global health.

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Drug-resistant malaria spreading

31st July 2014

Study suggests drug-resistant malaria is spreading in South East Asia.

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Flu pandemic warning

19th March 2013

Drug-resistant pandemic flu circulating population, say Australian experts.

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Technology needed to win fake drugs war

26th February 2013

Fake and substandard drugs, especially for tuberculosis, are abundant in low- and middle-income countries.

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How C diff travels the world

11th December 2012

Strains of the superbug mutate and spread rapidly, once they become resistant to antibiotics.

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New drug could stop spread of resistant TB

24th July 2012

Within two weeks, the new combination of three drugs killed 99% of patients' tuberculosis bacteria.

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HIV drug resistance can be managed

24th July 2012

A new report from WHO says HIV drug resistance is present but can be managed.

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Fake drugs hamper fight against malaria

22nd May 2012

Fake malaria medications are threatening progress of the past decade with no international framework to regulate them.

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Malaria resistance spreads across Asia

10th April 2012

Experts warn that artemisinin based therapies may lose their effectiveness, sparking a public health disaster.

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