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Monday 19th August 2019

Drug Resistance Articles


Proteins may hold key to HIV

15th January 2008

Harvard researchers identify proteins that help HIV propagate, creating hope for new treatments.

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XDR-TB patient causes furore

4th June 2007

People who sat near a TB patient on two international flights are advised to test.

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Natural compound to block HIV

23rd April 2007

Scientists have found a compound found naturally in blood that could form basis for new AIDS drug.

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New HIV drug success

13th April 2007

Early clinical trials of integrase-inhibitors show promise.

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Drug fights resistant forms of HIV

4th April 2007

Darunavir, or Prezista, is 'safe, well-tolerated and effective', a new study shows.

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Anti-bacterial treatment tested

21st March 2007

'Trojan horse' mimics iron, which killed microbes in infected mice.

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AIDS, TB researchers don't talk

20th March 2007

Report says the two fields are divided by mutual suspicion.

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WHO, China in malaria standoff

20th March 2007

The UN body targets Kunming Pharmaceutical over resistance fears.

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Coercive measures to halt XDR-TB?

29th January 2007

Extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis could pose global threat.

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Tree bark may help fight malaria

8th January 2007

Traditional Madagascan remedy killed the parasite at the liver stage in animals.

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