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Monday 21st May 2018

Human Articles


Scar free healing in mice

27th September 2012

US researchers find mice with brittle skin may offer clues to human skin repair.

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Snake venom could be source for new drugs

19th September 2012

Researchers say venomous reptiles may be a good source for new drugs for human diseases.

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Hybrid embryo ruling due

5th September 2007

Decision due on whether to allow human-animal embryos to be created and used for research.

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Elderly human rights 'abused'

15th August 2007

Many hospitals and care homes fail to protect human rights of elderly patients warn MPs and peers.

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Virtual creation of human metabolism

30th January 2007

US researchers hope computer model will help scientists find new treatments.

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Human rights laws for care homes

30th January 2007

The House of Lords to rule on whether privately-run care homes should be protected by human rights.

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Discovery of new source of stem cells

8th January 2007

A new source of stem cells that could one day repair damaged human organs has been discovered.

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