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Monday 20th November 2017

Wales Articles


Wales unveil minimum alcohol pricing

23rd October 2017

Minimum alcohol pricing law has been unveiled in Wales.

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Dementia numbers to rise

6th July 2017

Experts predict 1.2m people in England and Wales will be living with dementia by 2040.

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New initiative cuts time it takes to diagnose cancer

11th April 2017

New initiative to be trialled in south Wales which cancer experts hope will significantly cut the time it takes to diagnose the disease.

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Teeange pregnancies at a record low

22nd March 2017

New figures show teenage pregnancies are at a record low in England and Wales.

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Drug-related deaths at record levels

12th September 2016

Official figures show drug-related deaths have reached record levels in England and Wales.

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Third of patients given wrong diagnosis after heart attack

30th August 2016

A study suggests almost a third of patients in England and Wales are given the wrong initial diagnosis after a heart attack.

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Cot deaths reach lowest level on record

11th August 2016

Latest figures show cot deaths at lowest recorded level in England and Wales.

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Referral dealys for arthritis patients

25th July 2016

An audit suggests only 20% of patients with suspected inflammatory arthritis are referred to a specialist within the target three days.

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Women over 40 having more babies than under 20s

14th July 2016

Official figures show women over 40 are having more babies than under 20s for the first time in nearly 70 years.

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Almost quarter of deaths avoidable

29th June 2016

Figures from the Office for National Statistics suggests almost one in four deaths are avoidable in England and Wales.

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