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Wednesday 21st August 2019

Genetics Articles


Genetic test for cancer

1st October 2014

Researchers say younger bowel cancer patients should be offered gene test to screen for rare condition linked to further cancer risk.

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Root cause of leukaemia tracked back to womb

9th April 2013

Research finds leukaemia's root genetic cause begins in the womb.

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Genetic patch could 'stop deafness'

5th February 2013

Animal tests find a 'genetic patch' stops deafness in newborn mice.

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Scientists analyse breast cancer types

25th September 2012

The first large-scale genetic analysis of tumours in hundreds of women could pave the way for new drugs or treatment approaches.

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Gene mutations linked to older dads

28th August 2012

Men having children later in life could be linked to the rise in mental disorders in recent decades.

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How stress can change your DNA

20th August 2012

German researchers show that stressful situations produce epigenetic chances that could be linked to risk for disease.

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The future of cancer treatment?

9th July 2012

Researcher who developed leukaemia is now in remission after colleagues sequenced his genome to find the right drug.

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Genetic links to osteoarthritis found

3rd July 2012

Scientists pinpoint eight new gene variants which are associated with osteoarthritis.

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Test developed for schizophrenia

15th May 2012

Scientists have developed a test that might predict a person's risk of developing schizophrenia.

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Clues to obesity genes found

10th April 2012

Childhood obesity has been linked to two inherited factors, although experts say children should still eat well and exercise more.

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