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Thursday 24th May 2018

Organ Articles


Functional organ grown

26th August 2014

Researchers in Scotland say a whole functional organ has been grown in world first.

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Man in US dies of rabies

18th March 2013

Organ transplant gives man in US rabies.

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Organ sold on black market every hour

28th May 2012

WHO warns illegal organ trade is on the rise.

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Surgeon tries to remove wrong organ

13th January 2012

A woman died after attempt to remove wrong organ.

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Tissue authority to set EU transplant standards

10th March 2011

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NHS news 24/12/09

6th January 2010

A round up of NHS news up to Christmas 2009.

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Remarkable growth in live transplants

22nd December 2009

3,000 people have now been approved for living organ donation since the HTA started regulating donations.

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Wales could be first with organ opt-out powers

18th December 2009

Plans by the assembly government could see Wales become the first part of the UK with organ opt-out powers.

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Reconditioned lung used in transplant

17th December 2009

Doctors say reconditioned lungs can now be used for transplant.

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Hidden risk of organ transplant

24th November 2009

File on 4 looks into the risks of organ donation.

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