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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Tea Articles


Prostate cancer risk from tea?

20th June 2012

Research suggests men who drink more than seven cups of tea a day are at a higher risk of prostate cancer.

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Tea and coffee may help fight MRSA

19th July 2011

A US study suggests tea and coffee drinkers are less likely to be carriers of the superbug.

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Cup of tea as good for you as water

28th March 2011

A study has found four to six mugs of tea a day keeps you as hydrated as a litre of water.

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Tea and coffee has health benefits

21st June 2010

A Netherlands study finds tea and coffee appears to protect against heart disease.

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Tea keeps you hydrated

17th June 2010

A study finds tea can keep you just as hydrated as water.

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Waste tea leaves used as biofuel

2nd March 2010

Pakistani scientists say used tea leaves could be a cheap source of biofuel.

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Diabetes eased by chamomile tea?

16th September 2008

Drinking chamomile tea daily may help prevent the complications of type 2 diabetes a study says.

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Can tea combat diabetes?

3rd March 2008

New findings suggest drinking black tea could help prevent diabetes.

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Is tea healthy?

26th September 2007

Watchdog rules advertising campaign exaggerated health benefits of drinking tea.

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Skin treatment with green tea?

8th August 2007

Scientists say patients with skin and hair problems may benefit from treatment with green tea.

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