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Sunday 22nd April 2018

Gonorrhoea Articles


New drugs needed to treat gonorrhoea

10th July 2017

Data from 77 countries shows antibiotic-resistant gonorrhoea is on the rise.

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Drug-resistant gonorrhoea has spread in England

13th September 2016

An outbreak of drug-resistant gonorrhoea has spread in England.

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UK has highest rate of gonorrhoea

2nd June 2016

Figures show highest rates of gonorrhoea are in the United Kingdom.

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Gonorrhoea spreading in the north of England

18th September 2015

Sexual health doctors have told the BBC there has been an outbreak of gonorrhoea in Leeds.

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Pregnancy complications from chlamydia

5th September 2013

Research suggests a link between complications in pregnancy and chlamydia and gonorrhoea.

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Action needed on gonorrhoea

27th February 2013

The HPA launching an action plan for 'untreatable' gonorrhoea.

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Urgent action needed on gonorrhoea

6th June 2012

WHO says urgent action is needed to prevent the spread of gonorrohoea.

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Gonorrhoea cases on the rise

31st May 2012

Health experts warn that gonorrhoea is becoming untreatable as newly diagnosed cases soar by 25%.

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Gonorrhoea increasingly harder to treat

10th February 2012

Researchers say we may be facing a gonorrhoea strain for which no current medications would be effective.

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Gonorrhoea drugs don't work

23rd December 2011

New cure needed for gonorrhoea.

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