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Saturday 3rd December 2016

Lifestyle Articles


Yogurt boosts your health

31st August 2016

Five ways in which yogurt can help your health.

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Study claims stroke can be avoided

18th July 2016

Addressing 10 lifestyle risk factors could prevent strokes.

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GPs to receive help and advice on patients' physical activity

27th June 2016

GPs to be offered additional help to improve their patients' physical activity and lifestyle over the next three years.

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When you eat, not what you eat

23rd June 2016

Research suggests when you eat is more important than what you eat.

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How to avoid diet pitfalls

20th June 2016

Three pointers from a registered dietician and nutritionist to spot a faulty diet tip.

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Eatwell Guide more beneficial than public health

15th June 2016

The Eatwell Guide promotes interests of food industry rather than public health.

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Unhealthy foods can be good for you

4th April 2016

New research finds some foods are not as bad as you think.

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Mental illness mostly caused by life events

29th March 2016

Psychologists argue most mental illnesses are largely triggered by life events.

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Simple steps could decrease risk of dementia

2nd March 2016

Six simple life changes could decrease risk of developing dementia say health chiefs.

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Cancer deaths fall 10% in a decade

4th February 2016

Figures show a 10% fall in cancer deaths, but types of disease fuelled by lifestyle factors have increased sharply.

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