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Friday 20th April 2018

Listeria Articles


Listeria in caramel apples warning

15th October 2015

Scientists warn caramel coated apples can be riddled with listeria.

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Listeria outbreak in America

25th September 2015

An outbreak of listeria has been linked to soft cheese.

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Listeria deaths linked to meat

13th August 2014

Denmark officials say 12 listeria deaths linked to contaminated sausage.

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Elderly hit by food poisoning

5th June 2013

US health report says soft cheese and raw produce have caused many listeria outbreaks.

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Imported ricotta cheese recalled

13th September 2012

Listeria-linked illness affecting 14 people in 11 states and the District of Columbia has prompted a recall of ricotta salata cheese.

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Bags of salad recalled in six states

27th June 2012

Dole Foods have recalled more than a 1,000 bags of salad because of risk of listeria.

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California company recalls food products

3rd March 2011

Chicken and pork containing broccoli have been recalled amid fear of possible Listeria contamination.

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Cancer patients food warning

16th December 2010

Research by the HPA suggests the advice given to pregnant women about avoiding certain foods should be extended to cancer patients.

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