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Sunday 27th May 2018

Food Industry Articles


Government drive to help cut salt consumption by a quarter

12th March 2013

CASH strongly supports government’s new commitment to help cut salt intake, but calls for the government to consider legislation to ensure the cooperation of the whole of the food industry.

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Call for new tests of nanotech safety

23rd April 2012

The Food and Drug Administration warns manufacturers not to make assumptions about the safety of nanomaterials in food and cosmetics.

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Call for cola colouring ban

6th March 2012

A consumer group says the chemical caramel colouring in popular cola brands causes cancer in laboratory tests on animals.

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New food regulations for children

15th July 2011

New regulations imposed to restrict kinds of products advertised toward children.

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Analysis of controls on the marketing and promotion of food and drink to children

24th June 2011

The National Heart Forum was commissioned by the Department to undertake an analysis of the regulatory and voluntary landscape concerning the marketing and promotion of food & drink to children

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Taiwan sports drink scare prompts recall

31st May 2011

Problems are linked to an emulsifier tainted with phthalate, a form of plastic.

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Recycled cardboard health risk

8th March 2011

Food manufacturers are switching packaging over worries about potential danger to health.

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Label 'loophole' used by food manufacturers

6th January 2011

A labelling loophole means food manufacturers can deliberately mislead the public about fat content.

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New health sciences division for Nestle

27th September 2010

Nestle has created a new subsidiary to 'pioneer a new industry between food and pharma'.

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The food industry 'too secretive'

8th January 2010

The UK's House of Lords Science and Technology Committee has criticised the food industry for being secretive over nanothechnology.

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