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Wednesday 18th January 2017

Deaf Articles


Young boy has ears created from ribs

12th August 2014

A nine-year-old boy has had ears created from his ribs.

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Genetic patch could 'stop deafness'

5th February 2013

Animal tests find a 'genetic patch' stops deafness in newborn mice.

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Music volume limits 'may be ignored'

4th February 2013

Hearing loss charity fears safety limits on volume levels could be ignored by 40% of young people.

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First IQIPS Accreditation granted to Action for Deafness

31st January 2013

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SignHealth says Deaf people are angry at being marginalised

31st January 2013

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SignHealth says the Government needs to help Deaf people

30th January 2013

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Deaf awareness needs improvement

21st January 2013

Charity says GPs must greatly improve deaf awareness.

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SignHealth appoints first Medical Director

4th January 2013

First Medical Director for the national charity, SignHealth, has been appointed.

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Deaf baby first to undergo surgery for hearing loss

12th October 2012

Seven-month old girl to be first in Britian to undergo surgery to improve her hearing.

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Deafness gene discovered

1st October 2012

Scientists have discovered a gene that causes 1,000 babies to be born deaf in Britain.

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