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Monday 21st May 2018

Glaucoma Articles


Test to spot glaucoma early

27th April 2017

Eye exam has been developed that may spot glaucoma a decade before symptoms appear.

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Coffee linked to vision loss

8th October 2012

American research suggests drinking more than three cups of coffee a day could increase risk of vision loss and blindness.

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Statins could lower glaucoma risk

2nd October 2012

A daily statin could lower cholesterol levels and reduce risk of developing glaucoma in the elderly.

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Human stem cells restores some vision in blind rat

8th March 2012

Researchers say they have restored some vision in a blind rat using human stem cells.

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Frequent tests track glaucoma progression

10th August 2011

A new study says frequent tests may help doctors detect progression of glaucoma at an early stage.

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Obese women have lower risk of glaucoma

13th August 2010

A recent study showed overweight women were less likely to get one type of glaucoma than thinner women.

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Glaucoma sufferers struggle with eyedrops

23rd July 2010

A new study suggests glaucoma patients struggle to land the therapy in their eyes.

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One third of HES appointments relate to glaucoma

28th May 2010

Glaucoma patients require lifelong treatment and waiting times need to be reduced.

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Green tea good for the eyes

27th April 2010

A Hong Kong study shows the compounds from green tea may protect the eye against oxidation and even disease.

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Glaucoma cured by eye drops?

7th August 2009

An Italian study suggests a new type of eye drop may reverse symptoms of glaucoma.

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