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Sunday 27th May 2018

Organic Articles


Organic milk can put unborn babies at risk

28th April 2015

Experts claim pregnant women could be putting their unborn babies at risk by choosing organic milk.

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Organic food has 'no health benefits'

4th September 2012

Researchers say eating organic food is 'not any healthier'.

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Organic milk better for you

18th January 2011

A study has found that organic milk has lower levels of saturated fats.

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Organic produce 'no better for health'

8th November 2010

A study shows organic vegetables are no healthier than those traditionally grown.

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Organic pesiticide could be used as a worm killer

5th March 2010

If cash can be found for human trials a common organic pesticide could be used as a cure for intestinal worms.

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No health benefits from organic food

30th July 2009

Research commissioned by the FSA finds organic food is 'no healthier' than non-organic food.

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Ban on 'nanoparticles'

15th January 2008

Organic body says products will not be certified organic if they contain nanoparticles.

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Organic food is 'better for you'

30th October 2007

A major study says organic food is better for you than ordinary food.

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Organic cereals recall

17th July 2007

Gerber organic rice and oatmeal cereals are recalled due to potential choking risk.

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Is organic healthier?

16th January 2007

David Miliband denies any evidence that organic food is better for you.

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