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Friday 22nd June 2018

Dyslexia Articles


Dyslexia not linked to eyesight

26th May 2015

Researchers say eye tests on more than 5,800 children did not show any differences in vision of those with dyslexia.

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E-readers more effective for people with dyslexia

19th September 2013

Research suggests short lines of text on e-readers 'more effective' for some dyslexic readers.

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Dyslexia still not understood

18th April 2012

Despite advances in treatment not enough is being done to understand the causes of dyslexia.

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Brain scans could diagnose dyslexia

25th January 2012

Scientists say they can identify reading problems before children start school.

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Dyslexia diagnoses doubts

30th September 2011

Scientists have raised doubts over dyslexia.

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Brain scan can predict which dyslexics will read

21st December 2010

Researchers say a sophisticated brain scan will be able to predict which teens with dyslexia will be able to read.

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What is dyslexia?

12th July 2010

What is and what causes dyslexia?

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Early births linked to autism

9th June 2010

A British study finds babies born a week early are more at risk of autism or dyslexia.

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Dyslexia should not be eradicated

12th February 2010

Dyslexia can make people more creative, according to associate director of learning at Portsmouth PCT.

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Teachers should not label children dyslexic

18th December 2009

MPs say schools should stop labelling children as dyslexic.

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