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Saturday 19th August 2017

Endometriosis Articles


Heart disease linked to endometriosis

30th March 2016

Women with endometriosis at higher risk of heart disease according to a new study.

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Ovarian cancer risk increased by endometriosis

22nd February 2012

New research suggests women who suffer from endometriosis are more likely to develop three common forms of ovarian cancer.

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Hope for women with endometriosis

13th December 2010

Genetic research has found variants that increase risk of endometriosis in some women.

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New fertility test for women

23rd February 2010

Australian researchers develop a test that counts the eggs in a woman's ovaries.

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Endometriosis is more than just period pain

16th February 2010

Doctors often dismiss endometriosis as chronic period pain, but it can make a women infertile.

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New endometriosis test

20th August 2009

A new test can, with nearly 100% accuracy, diagnose endometriosis without surgery.

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Tomatoes could help fight endometriosis

12th November 2008

Eating tomatoes could help fight endometriosis say researchers.

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'Cancer risk' from endometriosis

3rd July 2007

Evidence suggests women with endometriosis are prone to certain cancers.

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Endometriosis can cause infertility

16th January 2007

Endometriosis is a painful condition affects up to two million women in the UK.

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