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Friday 22nd June 2018

Ct Scan Articles


Rise in CT scans

15th August 2014

Experts say there has been a sharp rise in the number of children and adults having CT scans.

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Capture Stroke used to reduce CT scan waiting time

22nd November 2013

North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust has reduced the time to CT scan for stroke patients.

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Early lung cancer spotted with low-dose CT scan

22nd May 2013

Study finds low-dose CT scans could help spot beginnings of lung cancer.

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People unaware of radiation risk from CT scans

4th January 2013

Study finds one-third of people did not know the radiation risk when having a CT scan.

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Doctors pioneering rapid CT scans

23rd November 2012

Patients taken straight to CT scanner at a London hospital in an attempt to save lives.

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CT scans could triple brain cancer risk

7th June 2012

A study suggests multiple CT scans on children could triple risk of brain cancer or leukaemia.

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NHS risks wasting money on high-tech equipment

30th March 2011

The National Audit Office warns 50% of high-tech machines will need to be replaced at cost of £460m.

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CT scans should be made safer

10th November 2010

US FDA wants equipment makers to add safety features to prevent errors.

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No evidence of CT scans causing cancer in babies

13th September 2010

Researchers have found no clear evidence of an increased risk of cancer among babies exposed to CT scans as foetuses.

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Private clinics cheaper than local NHS hospital

29th July 2010

NHS patients taken to clinic in Harley Street for CT scan.

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