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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Gum Articles


Cholesterol drugs could help gums

4th October 2013

New research suggests cholesterol drugs could help reduce inflammation of the gums.

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Guide to flossing teeth

7th November 2012

Dentists say flossing is even more important than brushing your teeth when it come to preventing gum disease.

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New gum contains nutrients

10th December 2010

Kraft have announced they are going to release a new line of gum called Vitality which is infused with vitamin C.

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Gum and heart disease link found

6th September 2010

Scientists say they have discovered a reason why heart disease risk is increased by gum disease.

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Treatment of gum disease could help diabetics

13th May 2010

A new study finds reducing gum inflammation in diabetics could help lower blood sugar levels.

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Early birth link to gum disease

15th March 2010

US research suggests if gum disease is not treated properly in pregnancy there is a higher risk of an early birth.

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Gum disease reversible if caught early

20th March 2007

Dental health charity says that gum disease is treatable if caught in early stages.

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Cancer link to gum disease disputed

26th January 2007

Gum disease is widespread in the adult population.

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Chewing gum tackles obesity

15th January 2007

Scientists are developing an appetite-suppressing chewing gum.

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