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Sunday 22nd September 2019

Coca Cola Articles


Traffic light labelling on drinks in the UK

5th September 2014

Coca-Cola have agreed to put traffic-light labels on drinks sold in the UK to tackle obesity.

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Obesity ad launched by Coca-Cola

15th January 2013

Coca-Cola has launched an advert which addresses obesity.

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Recipes for Coke and Pepsi altered

13th March 2012

To comply with California laws Coke and Pepsi are changing the way they make their drinks.

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Cola colourings cancer fear

17th February 2011

Concerns relate to an artificial brown colouring agent.

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UK news 21/1/11

21st January 2011

A round up of UK health news over past week.

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Cola drink ad banned

19th January 2011

Coca Cola ad banned for claiming drink was 'nutritious'.

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