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Sunday 27th May 2018

Learning Articles


Research says same genes drive reading and maths ability

9th July 2014

Research suggests around half of genes that influence a child's aptitude for reading also drives maths ability too.

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Naps enhance learning for youngsters

11th April 2014

Research says naps play a crucial role in enhancing learning for young children.

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Lunchtime nap could boost learning

24th September 2013

A small study suggests afternoon naps for young children could boost their brain power.

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Electricity stimulates brain

20th September 2011

Scientists show applying a small current to specific parts of the brain can stimulate learning.

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Electric current to brain could help with maths

5th November 2010

Oxford University scientists have found targeting a certain part of the brain with a tiny electrical current could make you better at learning maths.

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Difficult fonts could boost learning

25th October 2010

Scientists say making things harder to read can make for better learning.

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World focus February 2010

28th February 2010

A round up of world health news over month of February 2010.

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Naps boost learning power

23rd February 2010

US scientists say a nap during the day improves brain power.

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Learning disability nurses fall

19th December 2007

Demand for learning disability nurses rising as numbers of nurses fall.

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Fragile X caused by mutant gene

19th September 2007

Research shows genetic mutation can trigger learning difficulties.

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