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Wednesday 26th April 2017

World Articles


One in 10 deaths caused by smoking

6th April 2017

Study shows smoking causes one in 10 deaths worldwide.

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US hospitals putting patients' lives at risk

30th October 2015

According to Leapfrog Group, 34 facilities are actually putting lives at risk.

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Series on mental health

5th August 2015

The series from the BBC World Service's Health Check team explores 'The truth about mental health'.

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Tooth decay suffered by billions

5th March 2015

A study finds more than 2.4bn people across the globe have untreated tooth decay.

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Alzheimer's test a step closer

8th July 2014

British scientists are a step closer to developing a blood test for Alzheimer's.

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One in 10 adult deaths linked to alcohol

27th June 2014

Federal officials report one in 10 US adults die as a result of excessive alcohol consumption.

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Scientists develop better alternative to fillings

16th June 2014

UK scientists discover an alternative to fillings that allows teeth to repair themselves without drills or injections.

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Ebola continues to spread in west Africa

11th June 2014

Ebola has caused 12 deaths in the east of Sierra Leone since last week.

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Deadly virus transmitted from camels to people

5th June 2014

Camels have been suspected of transmitting Middle East respiratory syndrome(Mers)to people.

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Is breakfast important?

4th June 2014

US scientists find little link between breakfast and weight gain.

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