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Wednesday 24th July 2019

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Is breakfast important?

4th June 2014

US scientists find little link between breakfast and weight gain.

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'Exciting' development in trials against skin cancer

3rd June 2014

Two international trials against advanced melanoma are designed to make the immune system target the tumour.

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Open letter by scientists supporting e-cigarettes

2nd June 2014

More than 50 researchers and public specialists urged WHO to 'resist the urge to control and suppress e-cigarettes'.

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Learning two languages slows ageing of brain

2nd June 2014

Contrary to previous studies, being bilingual can improve the cognitive signs of ageing.

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Metabolic disorders could be treated by leptin

2nd June 2014

The hormone leptin, has been found to have effects on cells that control appetite.

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Refugees missing out on cancer treatment

27th May 2014

Funds for cancer treatment have been identified as insufficient as new study calls for change in current policy.

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Health benefits of red wine 'overhyped'

13th May 2014

Scientists say red wine may not be as good for you as hoped.

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First meeting of the World Dementia Council

7th May 2014

The meeting identified the global impact dementia has had and discussed ways to solve it.

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WHO declares spread of polio a world health emergency

6th May 2014

The World Health Organisation has declared an international public health emergency over spread of polio.

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Children who daydream are misdiagnosed with ADHD

22nd April 2014

According to new research, children previously diagnosed with ADHD could have another condition.

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