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Wednesday 17th July 2019

World Articles


Efforts to curb smoking has saved millions of lives

18th February 2014

Since the 1980s, the amount of people smoking has reduced by 10% in males and 4.4% in females.

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Increased healthcare budgets are not the answer, says report.

22nd January 2014

Only 40% of life expectancy improvements are due to improved healthcare spending.

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Medical advance for rheumatoid arthritis cure

21st January 2014

New research suggests cure for symptoms of arthritic hands can be found.

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Number of smokers is growing

8th January 2014

Global figures reveal although smoking is becoming less popular in many parts of the world the number of smokers is growing.

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Progress in fight against malaria

13th December 2013

Report published by WHO shows major progress in fight against malaria globally.

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Phobias could be passed through genes

4th December 2013

New research suggests phobias may be passed between generations.

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Pneumonia responsible for one fifth of child deaths

14th November 2013

Global health bodies warn pneumonia is still responsible for one fifth of child deaths globally even though deaths are preventable.

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Depression is the second most common cause of disability

6th November 2013

Review of research shows depression is the second cause of disability worldwide.

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Global wireless health market growing

17th September 2013

Report finds the global wireless health market has hit growth mode.

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Global child deaths down

16th September 2013

Figures show deaths of under-fives have almost halved since 1990.

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