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Sunday 20th May 2018

Generic Drugs Articles


Novartis in India patent battle

20th August 2012

The stakes are high for cheap generic drug supplies as the Indian patent office faces off with Novartis.

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Millions invested in China and India biotech drugs

20th September 2011

Chinese and Indian drug makers manufacture more than 80% of the active ingredients in drugs worldwide.

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Buyouts skew Indian drug industry

22nd February 2011

India's position as a source of cheap generic drugs for developing countries may be under threat from buyouts.

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GPs under pressure to prescribe generic drugs

25th September 2008

A survey carried out by Pulse revealed that GPs feel under pressure to use generic drugs.

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Generic drugs on the rise

17th October 2007

Can the generic drugs industry make big pharma suffer?

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Novartis petitioned in India

18th January 2007

Medicins sans Frontieres wants the company to drop a lawsuit which may hinder cheap drug production.

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