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Monday 16th September 2019

Pneumonia Articles


Double hand transplant for Scottish woman

25th June 2014

Scottish woman to become the first person in the UK to have a double hand transplant after amputation following a blood infection.

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Pneumonia responsible for one fifth of child deaths

14th November 2013

Global health bodies warn pneumonia is still responsible for one fifth of child deaths globally even though deaths are preventable.

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Pneumonia linked to sleeping pills

6th December 2012

A study has found sleeping pills may increase risk of pneumonia.

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Hospital staff must be trained to combat pneumonia

24th May 2012

Hospitals in England must train staff on reducing pneumonia.

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Invention helps beat pneumonia

11th May 2012

Norfolk doctor invents ventilation tube to prevent spread of pneumonia and it's saving money and lives.

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Robin Gibb wakes from coma

23rd April 2012

Robin Gibb fell into a coma after contracting pneumonia in his battle against colon and liver cancer.

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Deadly MRSA spread by coughs and sneezes

2nd February 2012

Deadly strain of MRSA called USA300 is spreading across the UK.

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Live-saving bed helping George Michael fight pneumonia

30th November 2011

George Michael was rushed to hospital with severe pneumonia after falling ill during his European tour.

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Pneumonia patients don't always need chest x-ray

27th April 2011

A new study from Canada suggests not all pneumonia patients need chest x-rays to look for lung cancer.

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Hope for pneumonia vaccine

24th January 2011

A new vaccine is being rolled out in Africa.

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