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Thursday 8th December 2016

Calories Articles


Food should give calories and activity to burn them off

7th April 2016

Head of a public health body says food labels should give details of how much activity is required to burn off their calories.

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Calorie counts for alcoholic drinks

4th January 2016

The Local Government Association says makers of alcoholic drinks should display calorie count.

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Calories not as important as nutrition

27th August 2015

Focus on nutritional value of foods say experts.

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New calorie rules for restaurants

26th November 2014

The FDA have announced new rules that require chain restaurants to post calories for food and drinks on their menus.

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Call for calorie labels on alcohol

31st October 2014

Public health doctors call for labels containing calorie information to be added to alcoholic items.

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Eat slowly, consume less calories

9th January 2014

New study suggests eating slowly will help people consume fewer calories over the course of a meal.

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Calories in alcohol often 'ignored'

2nd January 2013

Experts say people watching their weight should pay close attention to calories in alcohol.

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Chef meals 'less healthy' than ready meals

18th December 2012

Researchers say TV chefs' recipes are less healthy than supermarket ready meals.

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Alcohol contributes 100 calories a day to diet

15th November 2012

A new study shows alcohol contributes around 100 calories a day to the average American's diet.

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McDonald's adds calorie counts to menus

18th September 2012

The hamburger chain will now tell diners how many calories are in its Big Mac. (It's 550, by the way.)

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