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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Gel Articles


Gel liquitab poisoning on the rise

12th September 2013

Glasgow has seen a rise in children being harmed after biting gel laundry capsules.

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Gel manicures could cause lasting problems

4th March 2013

Expert warns about long-lasting problems associated with gel manicures.

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Gel shows promise as male contraceptive

3rd July 2012

Early research of a new contraceptive gel shows promise.

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Chronic back pain could be eased by new gel

20th May 2011

Scientists at Manchester University have found a way to repair spinal discs which have been damaged.

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UK news 19/11/10

19th November 2010

A round up of UK health news over past week.

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Mouth ulcer gel developed from bee resin

18th November 2010

Researchers find a way to use resin and wax used by honey bees to create a gel treatment for mouth ulcers.

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Molecular condom to block HIV

24th August 2009

A new barrier gel could give the power to block HIV transmission to women.

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Gel 'to speed up healing'

22nd January 2008

UK scientists developing a gel to reduce scarring and speed up wound healing.

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Blood cell gel helps healing

28th May 2007

Doctors find cells made from patients' blood cells can accelerate the healing process.

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Trial for anti-AIDS gel stopped

1st February 2007

A new drugs trial to help prevent women contracting AIDS has been stopped.

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