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Monday 21st May 2018

Brazil Articles


Brazlian committee votes to ban abortions

9th November 2017

A Congressional committee has voted to ban abortion in Brazil in all situations.

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Zika emergency over

12th May 2017

A sharp decrease in cases of the Zika virus in Brazil.

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Polio strain found in Brazil

24th June 2014

The WHO has said polio has been found at an international airport in Brazil, but no human cases found.

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Dengue fever risk at Brazil World Cup

19th May 2014

An early warning system has been developed by scientists to alert risk of dengue fever during Brazil World Cup.

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Dengue cases in Brazil almost triple

27th February 2013

Brazil health authorities say confirmed cases of dengue fever has seen a steep rise.

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Call for improved drug treatment programmes in UK

1st March 2012

UK's drug problems rival those in some cities in Brazil and Mexico says a United Nations narcotics expert.

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Dengue epidemic warning in Rio

17th February 2012

Brazilian Health Minister warns that Rio de Janeiro is at a high risk of major dengue epidemic.

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Banana peel can be used to purify water

22nd March 2011

Scientists say banana peel can be used to purify drinking water contaminated with toxic heavy metals.

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Can Brazil nuts raise heart risk?

13th November 2009

Researchers claim health-boosting mineral found in Brazil nuts could raise cholesterol and risk of heart disease.

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Brazil gets cheap malaria pill

18th April 2008

New treatment for malaria launched in Brazil.

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