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Thursday 21st June 2018

Mexico Articles


Sugar tax in Mexico

6th January 2016

According to research, introduction of sugar tax in Mexico has cut sales of sugary drinks by 12%.

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Mexico hit by diabetes epidemic

6th December 2012

Mexico's diabetes epidemic linked to American-based fast food.

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Bird flu outbreak in Mexico

11th July 2012

Around 2.5m birds have been slaughtered in western Mexico in an attempt to contain a bird flu outbreak.

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Call for improved drug treatment programmes in UK

1st March 2012

UK's drug problems rival those in some cities in Brazil and Mexico says a United Nations narcotics expert.

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Mexico bans 'miracle cure' advertising

24th January 2012

Faith in the miracle creams for diabetes and obesity stops people seeking medical treatment.

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H1N1 outbreak from US

29th March 2011

Mexican governor says new outbreak of H1N1 in northern Mexico has come from southern US.

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Mexico's five-day shutdown

5th May 2009

Mexico closes 'non-essential' businesses in a bid to slow down the spread of swine flu.

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Google Earth used to fight dengue

10th October 2008

Researchers have used Google Earth to create a simple mapping tool to help fight dengue fever.

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Healthcare for all in Mexico

22nd January 2007

Access to care is part of new social contract, says Julio Frenk.

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