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Sunday 27th May 2018

Mobile Articles


Clinicians threaten to throw tablets into canal

28th April 2015

Clinicians at a central London trust threatened to throw their tablet computers into canal before confidence was built in mobile working.

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South Devon implement 'Dropbox-like' system

6th December 2013

Dropbox-like system adopted to allow staff to share documents on mobile devices.

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mHealth could save millions

11th April 2013

Report says mHealth apps could save millions of lives in Sub-Saharan Africa over next five years.

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More mobile health systems needed

27th September 2012

The Director of the European Connected Health Alliance spoke at the Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit in London.

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More than 1m downloads for NHS Direct app

15th November 2011

NHS Direct say there were 240,000 downloads of their app in May alone.

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No link between childhood cancer and phone masts

23rd June 2010

Study looks at the proximity of 81,000 mobile phone masts and the homes of pregnant women.

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Portable ultrasound scanner launched

18th February 2010

The Vscan ultrasound scanner, which is the size of a large mobile phone, has been launched across Europe and North America.

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Mobiles do not increase brain risk

4th December 2009

Danish scientists say there is no increase in brain tumours since mobile phone usage rose sharply in mid-1990s.

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Track festive drinking with mobile application

2nd December 2009

A new mobile phone application is launched to help people track what they are drinking over the festive season.

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Mobile health unit to be launched by Vodafone

2nd December 2009

Vodafone has announced it will open a new mobile health unit in Newbury to develop healthcare solutions.

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