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Thursday 19th September 2019

Prescriptions Articles


GP receptionists play a key role

4th November 2011

A study says receptionists perform a 'hidden role' in repeat prescription process.

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Many leave hospital without medication

26th August 2011

Senior citizens with chronic medical issues often leave hospital without their prescriptions.

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Possible end to free prescriptions

18th August 2011

Northern Ireland may have to discontinue free prescriptions by the end of the year due to lack of funding for cancer drugs.

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Prescriptions soar by 70%

28th July 2011

Fears over 70% jump in prescriptions over past decade.

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GPs routinely prescribe drugs to addicts

27th July 2011

A survey finds prescriptions of sleeping pills and painkillers is on the increase.

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Statin prescriptions total a million per week

15th July 2011

New figures show statin prescriptions have soared in the UK.

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Statins prescriptions soar

5th July 2011

A new report has found prescriptions for statins has risen 20-fold since 1981.

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US doctors too quick to prescribe

14th June 2011

A new report says US doctors are too quick to reach for their prescription pads.

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Doctors ignore warnings on drugs for pregnant women

4th May 2011

A survey has found pregnant women have been given prescriptions by doctors who have ignored official warnings.

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Prescription changes row

11th April 2011

GP under pressure from PCTs to reduce amount of drugs per prescription.

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