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Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Maternal Articles


External review into four maternal deaths

28th September 2016

An external review is being carried out after four maternal deaths at leading London hospital trust.

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Failings 'covered up'

19th June 2013

A report suggests CQC may have covered up own failings after baby deaths at a Cumbria hospital.

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Maternal deaths linked to poor care

25th July 2011

Better care could have prevented deaths on 17 women in London over 18 months.

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More skilled midwives needed to save women's and newborns' lives

21st June 2011

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Mums given risky advice

29th March 2011

A Netmums survey suggests many new mums are given risky parenting advice.

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Stillbirth risk from maternal obesity

25th March 2011

Experts warn women to be careful about their weight before and during pregnancy.

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WHO lists maternal and child medicines

21st March 2011

Top 30 medicines listed by the World Health Organisation.

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Obesity link to maternal deaths

4th December 2007

Report shows obesity fastest growing cause of women dying in childbirth or pregnancy in the UK.

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Obese mothers risk health

29th January 2007

Experts warn that by 2010 half of all UK expectant mums could be above ideal weight.

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Diabetes may occur in womb

23rd January 2007

Scientists have discovered that babies may develop diabetes during pregnancy.

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