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Wednesday 20th June 2018

Hysterectomy Articles


IUD delays uterine cancer

4th October 2010

Early trial findings suggest treatment with an IUD could halt or even reverse endometrial cancer.

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GPs ignore sick note advice

7th December 2009

A study shows only one in 20 GPs adhere to government advice concerning sick leave.

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Hysterectomies good source of stem cells

18th June 2009

Researchers say discarded fallopian tubes could be a good source of donor stem cells.

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X-ray treatment being denied

3rd February 2009

Patients are being denied a life-saving x-ray treatment because of the way NHS funding works.

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New treatment for fibroids

27th February 2008

New research says embolisation is a reasonable alternative to having a hysterectomy.

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Teenager refused hysterectomy

17th January 2008

A severely disabled teenager has been refused a hysterectomy by NHS trust.

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Women suffer in silence

24th January 2007

Too many women suffer with heavy periods because they fear they may need hysterectomy.

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