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Sunday 15th September 2019

Botox Articles


Botox study finds we don't want to look younger

12th December 2014

Study by Botox makers has revealed we don't want to look 10 years younger anymore.

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Minor cosmetic procedures safe if done right

6th November 2014

Researchers say Botox injections and other minor procedures are very safe in expert hands.

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Botox may help fight cancer

21st August 2014

Animal tests suggest Botox could be used to help fight cancer.

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Fraudulent Botox found in the US

29th April 2013

The FDA has found fraudulent versions of Allergan's Botox in the US.

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Only trained doctors should give Botox

29th January 2013

Surgeons call for non-medics to be banned from giving Botox.

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Botox trialled as hayfever treatment

9th October 2012

Researchers say Botox has showed promise in early trials in providing relief for hayfever.

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Botox could soon be offered to migraine sufferers

11th May 2012

NICE say Botox could soon be offered to people who suffer from severe migraines on the NHS.

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Botox jab for migraines not proved

16th February 2012

NICE are unlikely to recommend Botox jab for migraines as there is not enough evidence to suggest it works.

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Botox to be used as bladder treatment

25th August 2011

Botox has received approval from US health regulators to be used as treatment for overactive bladders.

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Injections instead of cosmetic surgery on the rise

19th July 2011

Minimally invasive cosmetic procedures have increased over the last decade.

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