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Sunday 27th May 2018

Injection Articles


Insulin injections could be replaced with patches

14th July 2015

Researchers aim to replace insulin injections with insulin patches.

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Diabetes smart patch developed

23rd June 2015

Diabetes smart patch could replace painful injections.

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Single-use smart syringes urged

23rd February 2015

The WHO has announced smart syringes will be used for injections by 2020.

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Minor cosmetic procedures safe if done right

6th November 2014

Researchers say Botox injections and other minor procedures are very safe in expert hands.

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Could neck injection ease hot flashes?

15th October 2013

A new study suggests a neck injection could ease hot flashes associated with the menopause.

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Injections to plump up skin could cause lasting harm

24th April 2013

Cosmetic procedures are a 'crisis waiting to happen', says review.

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Hope for stroke patients

8th February 2013

Scientists believe, injecting drugs straight into brain of stroke patients could offer some hope.

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Insulin may mean no injections

11th January 2013

Australian scientists discover how insulin binds to its receptor in cells potentially opening the way for new drugs for diabetes.

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Once-weekly diabetes drug recommended

16th January 2012

Once-weekly type 2 diabetes injection recommended by NICE.

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GPs to use short courses of steriod jabs

29th October 2010

GPs are being advised to only use short courses of steroid injections.

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