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Friday 23rd August 2019

Childhood Articles


Childhood asthma being overdiagnosed

6th April 2016

Leading doctors say childhood asthma is overdiagnosed with inhalers being dispensed for no reason.

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Prompt MRI scan after a stroke can make all the difference

23rd February 2015

Use of MRI scans in children with suspected ischaemic stroke could significantly accelerate the process and improve outcomes.

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Nightmares could lead to health issues

3rd March 2014

Researchers in the UK warn persistent nightmares in childhood could be sign of something more serious.

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Leukaemia not linked to power lines

7th February 2014

A study says childhood leukaemia risk is not linked to overhead power lines.

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Mutations linked to leukaemia discovered

4th February 2013

Researchers link reemergence of common type of childhood leukaemia to specific gene mutations.

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Smoke ban sees decline in childhood asthma

21st January 2013

Researchers say there has been a sharp drop in number of children admitted to hospital with severe asthma after smoke ban.

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Childhood vaccinations remain high

7th September 2012

New government report shows immunisation rates remain high despite partental concern.

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Genetic data on childhood cancers released

30th May 2012

US scientists release world's largest collection of genetic data on childhood cancers.

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Childhood ADHD prevalence rises 28%

19th August 2011

According to a report over a ten-year period prevalence of children diagnosed with ADHD in the USA has increased.

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Cry-baby link to ADHD

21st April 2011

Scientists say there is a link between babies who cry excessively and ADHD later in life.

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