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Wednesday 20th June 2018

Immune Articles


Daily glass of wine beneficial to health

18th December 2013

Scientists have found a daily glass of wine could give a boost to the immune system.

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The role of immune cell in lupus discovered

20th December 2010

Scientists now have a better understanding of the role played by immune cell in lupus.

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Salmonella fights cancer

17th August 2010

Salmonella could be used after it was found to trigger the body's defence system against the disease.

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Immune system key in Parkinsons

16th August 2010

Researchers have found a link between genes controlling immunity and Parkinson's disease.

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Immune drug 'boosts vaccines'

29th June 2009

Research suggests a common immunosuppressive drug could have the ability to boost the power of vaccines.

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Cancer children dying from infection

11th May 2009

Infection caused the deaths of 82 child cancer patients in England and Wales over two years.

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Cancer 'danger receptor' discovered

16th February 2009

UK researchers have found a type of cell that could prompt the immune system to respond to cancer.

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Placenta acts as parasite

9th November 2007

Researchers discover placenta acts as a parasite to avoid attack by mother's immune system.

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Brain link to immune system found

25th October 2007

Scientists have found a direct link from the brain to our body's immune system.

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New fight to beat cancer

23rd September 2007

Immune cells from the best "cancer-fighters" may be given to other cancer patients.

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