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Monday 21st May 2018

Egypt Articles


New foot and mouth strain hits Egypt

23rd March 2012

A new strain of foot and mouth disease has hit Egypt.

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Egypt develops new hepatitis C test

3rd January 2012

The research team used gold nanoparticles to detect the presence of the virus, which is prevalent in the region.

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Egyptian seeds linked to E coli outbreak

1st July 2011

A report says there is still 'much uncertainty' but the seeds have been 'implicated'.

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Pharaoh princess had hardened arteries

5th April 2011

Researchers say heart disease may have little to do with a modern lifestyle.

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Egypt to curb organ trafficking

2nd March 2010

A new law seeks to protect the poorest from exploitation for organs.

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Bird flu cases rise in Egypt

3rd April 2009

Six new human cases have been reported in the past month.

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Egypt bans female circumcision

2nd July 2007

Egypt has announced a complete ban on female circumcision.

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Egyptian girl gets bird flu

28th March 2007

Three-year-old from Aswan is receiving Tamiflu.

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Ancient Egyptians used cannabis

30th January 2007

British scientists help to uncover the secrets of medicines used in Ancient Egypt.

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