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Wednesday 20th June 2018

Health And Safety Articles


Sharps and sharps containers warning

25th January 2013

Warning is regarding sharps and sharps containers transported in staff vehicles.

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Dentists told to throw away old magazines

22nd October 2012

Care Quality Commission says old magazines are a health and safety risk.

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Health and safety myths

12th April 2012

HSE publishes top ten worst health and safety myths.

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Health and safety advice for disabled people

14th February 2012

Key points to remember whether looking for work or not.

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Open tin biscuits not permitted in business meetings

2nd November 2011

Office workers should be prevented from sharing a tin of biscuits because it may contravene health and safety regulations.

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NHS staff told not to wear Crocs

14th September 2011

Staff in Wales have been told not to wear Crocs due to safety fears.

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Top ten bizarre health and safety bans

24th August 2011

A minister warns 'epidemic of excuses' has led to laws preventing Britons doing 'pretty harmless things'.

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NHS trust fined over asbestos at hospital

21st January 2011

The HSE has prosecuted a security firm, a company director and an NHS trust.

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