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Sunday 15th September 2019

Outbreak Articles


Measles outbreak

17th January 2018

Outbreak of measles confirmed in five areas of England.

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Japan starts culling chicken

12th January 2018

Highly contagious form of bird flu discovered in Japan.

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Breakthrough device in Aussie flu outbreak

11th January 2018

Some experts consider Aussie flu the worst flu epidemic for half a century.

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World's worst cholera outbreak in Yemen

26th June 2017

The UN warns Yemen facing the worst cholera outbreak.

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Measles outbreak in Newport

6th June 2017

A measles outbreak has been declared at Lliswerry High School, Newport.

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Ebola adapted to infect human tissue

3rd November 2016

Research suggests Ebola adapted to infect human tissues with ease in first few months of outbreak.

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Global infection response team formed in UK

1st November 2016

A specialist team of experts has been created who can be deployed anywhere in the world if disease outbreak strikes.

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Drug-resistant gonorrhoea has spread in England

13th September 2016

An outbreak of drug-resistant gonorrhoea has spread in England.

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E coli outbreak in Scotland

6th September 2016

A child has died in Scotland following an outbreak of E coli linked to blue cheese.

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Travel warnings issued for Singapore

30th August 2016

Australia, Taiwan and South Korea are advising pregnant women to avoid travel to Singapore after an outbreak of the Zika virus.

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