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Thursday 24th May 2018

Aedes Aegypti Articles


People help spread dengue fever

5th February 2013

Targeting the homes infected with pesticides won't stop them taking the disease to their friend's house, a study finds.

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Dengue fever hits Madeira

16th October 2012

Tourists are being warned to protect themselves against mosquito bites when travelling to Madeira.

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GM mosquitoes to fight dengue fever

8th November 2010

Malaysia plans to release genetically modified mosquitoes into the wild to test a new control method.

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New dengue control method

20th July 2009

Adult mosquitoes carry insecticide back to breeding grounds, killing their own larvae.

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GM mosquitoes to fight dengue

28th March 2007

Killer genes mean the mosquitoes' young die early in the life cycle.

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Dengue kills in Indonesia

31st January 2007

Public health measures have little effect.

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