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Tuesday 16th July 2019

Ultrasound Articles


Ultrasound waits in Wales treble

10th January 2014

New figures show patients in Wales are waiting longer than they should for MRI scans and ultrasounds.

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Ultrasound could stop kidney injury

2nd August 2013

Researchers suggest ultrasound may stop kidney complications that can arise after major surgery.

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NICE Guidance Offers Hope to Thousands of Patients With Fractures That Won't Heal

11th January 2013

Ultrasound device could save NHS millions by avoiding surgery.

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Go ahead given for device to heal persistent bone fractures

10th January 2013

NICE gives NHS the green light to use ultrasound device to heal persistent bone fractures that can be used at home.

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Ultrasound could detect heart disease

7th June 2012

A special type of ultrasound could detect heart disease early in people with rheumatoid arthritis.

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Ultrasound to testicles 'can stop sperm'

31st January 2012

A study on rats suggests a dose of ultrasound to the testicles can stop the production of sperm.

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Ultrasound used to treat fractures

12th October 2011

Technology used at Glasgow's Royal Infirmary's fracture clinic.

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Health Secretary Sets Out Plans For Speedier Cancer Diagnosis

15th December 2010

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Scan to detect womb cancer

13th December 2010

British doctors have developed a scan that can detect womb cancer before symptoms appear.

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Research into treatment for brain tumours

10th August 2010

Scientists use magnets and ultrasound to deliver chemotherapy drugs to precise locations.

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