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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Hair Articles


Want healthy hair?

24th October 2012

Top 10 foods to help get health hair.

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Genes detect hair colour

5th January 2011

DNA markers can help scientists predict probable hair colour.

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More help needed for hair pullers

8th November 2010

Experts say the NHS needs to give more support to people with trichotillomania.

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Hair measures stress

8th September 2010

New study discovers biological marker in your hair to measure chronic stress.

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Root of hair loss disease discovered

6th July 2010

Researchers uncover 18 genes linked with alopecia areata.

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UK news 12/2/10

12th February 2010

A round up of UK health news over the past week.

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Call for hair extension ban

8th February 2010

Society says extensions could cause baldness and other problems.

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Cancer patients helped to keep their hair

18th January 2010

Scalp cooler used to help chemo patients keep their hair.

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Genes not stress makes hair grey

1st December 2009

A study suggests women's grey hair is caused by genetic factors and not stressful lives.

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Advice on hair loss project extended

9th October 2009

Hairdressers to be given more training to help cancer patients deal with hair loss and re-growth.

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