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Sunday 24th June 2018

Umbilical Articles


Collecting umbilical cord blood puts mother and baby at risk

22nd September 2011

Doctors and midwives warn about craze.

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Delay clamping umbilical cord

11th November 2010

An obstetrician has said doctors and midwives need to stop clamping baby's umbilical cord too soon.

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Child infused with stem cells from umbilical cord

8th November 2010

A 3-year-old girl is believed to be the first British child to receive pioneering stem cell treatment for cerebral palsy.

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the week: issue 136, 5 - 11 March

12th March 2010

The week provides need-to-know news, consultations and events for chief executives and their teams.

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NHS news 12/3/10

11th March 2010

A round up of NHS news over past week.

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Illegal cord blood collections warning

9th March 2010

Regulator says 'unlicensed and untrained' people are taking samples.

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USA focus January 2010

31st January 2010

A round up of USA health news over the month of January 2010.

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Bone marrow transplant hope

19th January 2010

A new technique used on humans for the first time may mean the need for matched bone marrow transplants will disappear.

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Umbilical cord blood transplants

11th December 2007

US researchers say umbilical cord blood can help save lives of babies born with metabolic disorders.

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Clamping cord early 'harmful'

17th August 2007

UK expert warns clamping the umbilical cord straight after birth does not benefit mother or baby.

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