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Friday 25th May 2018

Fever Articles


Meningitis jab, fever warning

28th August 2015

New meningitis B campaign is underway, and parents are being warned about a fever linked to the jab.

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C diff used to treat C diff

6th May 2015

US doctors have treated Clostridium difficile infections with another dose of C diff.

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Congo fever in Glasgow

5th October 2012

Man being treated in Glasgow for Crimean-Congo Viral Haemorrhagic Fever.

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Yellow Fever found in Senegal

6th December 2011

WHO have been notified of three cases of yellow fever in Senegal.

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Three die in Gujarat from Congo fever

19th January 2011

Congo fever has claimed the lives of three people.

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How to spot signs of scarlet fever

17th August 2010

HPA has reported a 153% rise in the number of cases since 2005.

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Phase I clinical trial of yellow fever jab begins

14th January 2010

Xcellerex has initiated a phase I clinical trial on novel yellow fever vaccination.

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Yellow fever vaccine drive begins

23rd November 2009

The largest ever mass vaccination for yellow fever to begin across three African countries.

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Yellow fever fight gets funding

17th May 2007

US$58 million from the GAVI Alliance to boost mass vaccination campaigns.

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South American dengue alert

6th February 2007

Health warnings issued in Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia.

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