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Saturday 26th May 2018

Nanotechnology Articles


Call for new tests of nanotech safety

23rd April 2012

The Food and Drug Administration warns manufacturers not to make assumptions about the safety of nanomaterials in food and cosmetics.

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Artifical skin mimics human touch

13th September 2010

The newly developed 'e-skin' will enable robots to judge pressure more accurately.

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Nanotech project launched in Tunisia

12th January 2010

First nanotech project launched in Tunisia to monitor and purify waters of the Medjerda River.

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The food industry 'too secretive'

8th January 2010

The UK's House of Lords Science and Technology Committee has criticised the food industry for being secretive over nanothechnology.

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We won't have to fear cancer soon

25th March 2009

Cancer can be controlled if Britain spends enough.

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Nanotech underway in S Africa

11th January 2008

Nanotechnology being used by South African scientists to develop new healthcare tools.

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EU tags billions for research

8th February 2007

Funding for latest areas of biotechnology, nanotechnology and e-health.

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