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Saturday 27th May 2017

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8th May 2017

Lift pay cap for NHS staff

Hits: 80

NHS bosses say pay cap for NHS staff puts patients at risk and causes severe recruitment and retention problems in England.

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12th May 2017

Action needed to save lives in Somalia

Hits: 79

Ongoing drought in Somalia has plunged country further towards famine, warn the World Health Organisation.

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3rd May 2017

Acute trust hits financial target

Hits: 78

The Royal Free London FT has met its financial plan after selling land to its charity arm.

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4th May 2017

NHS quango to cut posts

Hits: 73

Health Education England to cut more than 300 posts.

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11th May 2017

Sharp rise in long hospital wait times

Hits: 72

An analysis has shown hospital waiting times in England have deteriorated.

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10th May 2017

Scans reveal how brain develops

Hits: 71

UK scientists release 'groundbreaking' medical scans that reveal how the brain develops in babies.

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9th May 2017

Smoking in new council homes may be banned

Hits: 69

A UK public health expert has said smoking could be banned in new council homes to protect children's health.

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8th May 2017

Mental Health Act to be replaced

Hits: 63

Theresa May pledges to scrap Mental Health Act and replace it with new legislation.

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