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Friday 26th May 2017

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Schools to offer meal deals

Schools to offer lunch deals to encourage pupils to eat healthily.

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Telemonitoring launched by Poots

12th December 2011

Health minister launches scheme to help people monitor their health from home.

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Cost of council services for elderly rise

30th December 2011

Data shows a sharp rise in cost of council services for the elderly and disabled people.

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Call for limit on Viagra

8th December 2011

NHS managers say Viagra should be limited to two a month.

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Bone marrow stem cell trial begins

5th December 2011

British doctors to conduct trial using bone marrow stem cells that may lead to halting the progression of MS.

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Health in 25 years…

2nd December 2011

Predictions on how the world will change in the next 25 years.

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DH appoints media agencies

21st December 2011

The Department of Health has appointed 'trusted' agencies to rund the PR campaigns.

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Scientists find ADHD gene

6th December 2011

Research into ADHD found children had mutations in genes governing neural connections.

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Therapy helps fibromyalgia teens

6th December 2011

Teenagers suffering from widespread chronic pain reported an improvement in well-being after learning management techniques.

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Pelvic floor exercise for bladder problems

20th December 2011

The exercises work better than current drugs for overactive bladder and help men as well as women.

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Other Articles

15th December 2011

CyberREN implemented across North Mersey

Hits: 1078

UK's first region-wide exchange of information for renal patients is rolled out across North Mersey, the Isle of Man and North Wales.

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9th December 2011

NHS Pension Scheme, government response

Hits: 1076

Half a million extra staff will not have to pay extra into their pensions.

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20th December 2011

Wounded Syrians walk to Lebanon

Hits: 994

Syrians wounded in their country's internal conflict are having their access to emergency medical care blocked by government agents.

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14th December 2011

Diabetes care not good enough

Hits: 977

A new report suggests up to 24,000 people with diabetes are dying unnecessarily every year.

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13th December 2011

Premature babies prone to infection

Hits: 973

Infants born earlier have fewer helpful intestinal bacteria and more viruses than full-term babies.

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1st December 2011

Coffee shop caffeine variation

Hits: 952

Research suggests big variations of caffeine in high street coffee shops could pose a risk to pregnant women.

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20th December 2011

Mobile kidney monitoring trialled

Hits: 942

A research project is using mobile health technology to monitor kidney patients' vital signs.

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20th December 2011

Cancer tumours grown in lab

Hits: 933

Scientists borrow a technique from stem cell research, possibly paving the way for new cancer treatments.

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