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Tuesday 20th August 2019

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10th April 2013

UNDP scales up focus on human rights and coordination in AIDS, TB and Malaria responses

Hits: 8173

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria recently launched a New Funding Model.

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9th April 2013

Public health goals should reflect state, individual responsibilities

Hits: 5818

On World Health Day, we are reminded of the complexities of the health environments in which we live and work.

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20th February 2013

Letter to a new parent

Hits: 3662

The best baby gift? A collection of child-rearing wisdom from a group of battle-tested veterans.

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7th December 2012

Panorama finds patient safety concerns

Hits: 6256

On 3 December Panorama looked at NHS hospital services and the pressure they are under with increasing demand.

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12th October 2012

Complaints about private dental treatment up by 17%

Hits: 3890

Complaints about private dental treatment are up by 17% according to the body set up to resolve them. (For the year May 2011 to April 2012.

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5th July 2012

The health spending map of the world

Hits: 3015

How does each country compare in the health spending stakes?

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25th May 2012

Break state monopoly over mental health counselling, urges major new report

Hits: 3214

NHS reliance on narrow range of therapies is a 'disgrace' that fails nearly 90% of patients.

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13th April 2012

Over half of Brits not getting enough sleep

Hits: 2668

Survey reveals over half of Brits say they struggle to get a good night's sleep.

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