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Saturday 21st September 2019

Comment and Opinion

Delivering affordable world-class health care

24th March 2014

India, a nation that once looked to the west for guidance is fast becoming a innovative leader in the future of healthcare.

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Elderly nutrition can have 'dramatic impact'

17th March 2014

The 17th-23rd of March marks Nutrition and Hydration Awareness Week.

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Increased healthcare budgets are not the answer, says report.

22nd January 2014

Only 40% of life expectancy improvements are due to improved healthcare spending.

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NHS reforms under the microscope

20th January 2014

TV’s Doctor Phil Hammond believes 'Integration is the key to improving NHS services for patients'.

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What is whistleblowing?

20th December 2013

Blair Mcpherson writes in the HSJ, 'When is whistleblowing not whistleblowing?'

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Is improved customer care enough?

24th November 2011

Improving customer care alone is not enough when times are tough.

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Waiting times in England

28th October 2011

The DH says 'those who have already waited over 18 weeks must not be forgotten'.

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Should there be a mandatory silence when a patient dies?

26th October 2011

Doctors and nurses should be obliged to pause for silent reflection when a patient dies.

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Malnourished 'ignored'

12th September 2011

In the UK there are more than 3 million people who are either malnourished or at risk.

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Is NHS reforms support as strong as thought?

8th September 2011

Are all organisations as behind the NHS reform plans as David Cameron has claimed?

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Latest Comment and Opinion

MPs should pay more attention to mental health

A quarter of us are affected by mental health at some point in our lives.

The Guardian

Can good journalism improve NHS waiting times?

Rob Findlay is a specialist in waiting time dynamics.

Health Service Journal

Trust by trust waiting times

Rob Findlay looks at the variation of waiting times between trusts.

Health Service Journal

Have your say about Health and Social Care bill

Motion to recommit certain Clauses of the Health and Social Care Bill to the Public Bill Committee.

Parliamentary Business

More beds, not bare arms

Was David Nunn, the consultant orthopaedic surgeon who raged at David Cameron, making a point?

The Telegraph

Live blog: NHS reforms

Live blog covering NHS reforms.

The Guardian

Southern Cross is a 'victim'

Southern Cross is primarily a victim of financial engineering, writes Michael White in the HSJ.

Health Service Journal

Don't let the NHS flatline

Are we at risk of destroying our most precious public service?

New Statesman

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